What is Senior Living Forum?

Senior Living Forum is an exclusive event aimed at professionals in a sector with enormous growth potential in Spain, driven by demographic and social factors. Its main objective is to establish itself as the annual meeting point of reference for public and private players in the industry.

The Senior Living Forum program will include high-level conferences addressing various aspects of the senior living sector. From financial issues and investments to architecture, design, management and demand for services.

The forum actively promotes the exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge among senior living professionals. Networking spaces, debates and round table discussions will be facilitated to promote interaction and collaborative learning.

Why Senior Living Forum?

Senior Living Forum arises as a response to the continuous growth of the senior living sector in Spain. This growth is attributed to the increase in life expectancy, the lack of supply, the emergence of new innovative forms of accommodation, the development of Spain as a tourist and residential destination for the international senior, and the creation of new avenues of access to housing adapted for seniors. The objective of the Senior Living Forum is to address these challenges and opportunities, providing a space for exchange and discussion for industry professionals and stakeholders, in order to promote the development of appropriate and satisfactory solutions for the senior segment of the population.

Why become part of it?

  • Create a solid network of contacts to open doors to new business development possibilities
  • Explore the latest market trends and acquire up-to-date knowledge to stay at the forefront of innovation and make informed decisions.
  • Participate in dynamics that promote connection and collaboration among all professionals.
  • Gain inspiration from the success stories and challenges of other professionals, exploring new perspectives that drive the improvement of practices and services.


How is Senior Living Forum going to be?

  • 1-day professional day
  • 250 professionals
  • +30 speakers
  • Networking

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